Build New Homes with Emilygrene Corp.

Two Emilygrene workers outside a houseWe, at Emilygrene Corp., are a multifaceted company that has the ability to play a big role in many aspects of home building. Being that we are electricians, the beginning of a home build would be the perfect place to bring us in to contribute to the job. Considering our numerous years of experience, we have been a part of many residential homebuilding jobs that have tested us to create unique solutions for each build. We have seen it all and know how to resolve issues that may arise in the beginning stages of building a home.

These are the many aspects of a home build that we can handle:

Structural Wiring

With extensive knowledge as electricians, we know all the rules and regulations that are implemented by the State of California in order to keep your home build up to code. Many of these regulations are put in place to conserve energy, as well as keep the future residents safe. When building residential homes, you want a team involved that understands the importance of electrical safety and using materials that will last for years to come.

HVAC Systems

We, at Emilygrene Corp., have a division completely dedicated to the installation and preventative maintenance of HVAC systems. This provides our clients with the opportunity to hire one company to handle both structural wiring and HVAC installation. Should any issues arise, we would have the complete electrical wiring history and know exactly how to address the problem. Being located in Southern California, we know that HVAC systems are the backbone of residential homes. We have a dedicated team highly knowledgeable in the most effective ways to distribute heating and cooling for future residents to stay comfortable during the hot summer months.

Smart Home Systems

We are not only highly skilled in the installation and setup of smart home appliances, we are also distributors of many high end luxury smart home brands. Having us as a part of your residential home building team, means that you have access to numerous smart home systems and an experienced team planning the necessary wiring and ultimately installing them for your future residents. As distributors of brands like LG, Sonos, Ring, and Sony, the future residents of your homes can enjoy a turn key residence that is outfitted with the best that smart tech has to offer.


We take the safety of our clients very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we created EG Secure, a branch of our company solely focused on installation of security equipment. We have teamed up with to provide security to the home during construction with the option of continuing the service to the homeowner once construction is complete. EG Secure provides 24/7 professional monitoring, keyless access controls, automated emergency response, and so much more.

By having us as a part of your residential home build, you will get a team who can provide more than the average electrical company. Considering the multiple facets of our company, we keep in mind that the electrical wiring in your new homes needs to be able to sustain more than just a few outlet plugs here and there. We go in to a home build knowing that future residents may need electrical panels and wiring to work very hard for them and the needs of their new home. We have the skills and knowledge to prepare the electrical wiring of residential homes for everything future homeowners may want it to accommodate in years to come. Contact us today if you are ready to make us a part of your residential home building team.

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