How To Make this Father’s Day a Special One

TV and speakerSet your calendars because Father’s Day is this weekend on Sunday, June 16. If you haven’t already found the perfect gift for dad then we can certainly help you out. We, at Emilygrene Corp., have a lot of gifts for dad that are sure to bring a smile to his face. I’m sure he already has all the power tools a dad can ask for, so let us help you think outside the box to give him a gift he has not gotten yet.

We all know dad’s love the TV. Whether he’s watching the game or playing video games, dad’s love their home theater equipment. Why not upgrade his home theater equipment for Father’s Day? We install top of the line home theater equipment that is sure to impress dad this Father’s Day. Want dad to be blown away by new audio equipment? We can install brand new surround sound Sonos speakers that will be sure to impress dad! How about decorate the living room with lighting that matches the colors of his favorite team? We can change out the old lightbulbs throughout dads living space with Philips Hue Lightbulbs that he can control from his phone. Dad can change the color of the lighting to match his jersey on game day. Instead of giving dad more chores to do this Father’s Day, let us help you give him something that will allow him to unwind and relax by upgrading his home theater equipment.

Another gift dad will really appreciate is a brand new security system. Our dad’s have always taught us that safety is paramount, so this Father’s Day let’s show him that we were paying attention by getting him an EGSecure security system. EGSecure uses innovative security systems that combine security products with smart technology. By linking all of your security equipment together, you can control your security system through an app on your smartphone. EGSecure installs 24/7 monitoring equipment, access controls, safety sensors, automated emergency response, and so much more. We work with brands like, Yale Lock, and Nest to ensure that we are installing the best security equipment has to offer. Your dad will be able to have total peace of mind when he turns on his EG Secure system knowing that his home will be totally safe in his absence. We’ve already helped one dad keep his family safe, let us help your dad as well.

Dads tend to receive the same gifts year after year, so this Father’s Day let us help you treat your dad to a gift that he will never forget. Contact us today to schedule a time to find the perfect home theater or security gift for your dad.

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