Emilygrene Corp. Helps Build the Framing for Two New Houses during Women Build Event

Emilygrene employees present a Sonos Play to a Habitat homeowner.All hands were on deck Friday, May 3rd as a group of us traveled to Pasadena, California to participate in the Habitat for Humanity “Women Build” event! Mary Bonura, Toby Reclusado, and Aaron Garcia were fitted with gear and put to work on building the framework for two new houses. These homes will be presented to two deserving families from the Pasadena community later this year. The day began with breakfast, coffee, and decorating our hardhats as all the volunteers came together to get group assignments and learn more about a family who will make one of these houses their home. After a short walk to the job site, we could see all the work we had in front of us. Two large concrete slabs and framing for the two car garage were what greeted us as we walked through the gates. Stacks of wood beams separated by size, boxes of nails, and break tents prepped with cold water were also ready for us as we got situated on the job site. Our group was assigned to work on the framing for the back wall on the second house and after a few instructions the hard work began!

Mary, Toby, and Aaron proved to be very important assets to the build as their technical and construction skills were put on display. For Mary, this was not her first time on a job site as her dad was a contractor. She felt right at home getting her hands dirty and carrying long 2×4 beams to where they needed to be. Aaron’s skills were utilized in building the window frames that run along both the front and back walls. His experience in construction was apparent to everyone on the job site as he was utilized on multiple aspects of the build. Toby could be found doing some heavy lifting by carrying the larger support beams to their appropriate spots on the wall. He also made a quick job of nailing all the beams in place. Nearing the end of the day, we put their strength together with a large group of volunteers to lift and secure the walls into place. Our long day of work was evident in seeing four standing walls making it possible to picture what the future homes will look like.

A highlight of the day was seeing the joy in the future homeowners face when she was presented with our gift of a Sonos Play. This awesome piece of equipment will elevate their family’s home entertainment system to new heights as they enjoy their home. It was thrilling to know that our contribution of a day’s work got these two families so much closer to living in the home of their dreams! Giving back to a community that has given so much to us, as a company, has given us a renewed energy as we get back in to a busy work schedule!

Here at Emilygrene Corp., we are so excited to be expanding to offer our new residential security system, EGSecure! EGSecure is a new line of home security system installation and monitoring services for residential home builders and home owning clients. Our new products offer optimal home connectivity options that elevate the status of your home to have true “smart home” potential. To learn more about our exciting new home security line contact us here!

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