Light Up Your Home for Better Security

SecurityEG-59With the vast amount of home security technology products entering the market these days, it was a little surprising to know what Emilygrene Director of Technology Toby Reclusado recommended as the top security technology to invest in to keep your home secure – lights. Why lights? Toby said, “Lighting is the best and often least part of security.” It is one of your first lines of defense in protecting your home.

Exterior Lights are a Deterrent

Installing exterior lights in key places around your home can act as a deterrent to would be thieves because it creates a higher risk of the thief being seen by a neighbor. Lighting also makes it easier for witnesses to see details, including faces, making it much easier for police to identify and find the thief. Static exterior lights that are on an automated schedule will illuminate darker areas around your home, without you having to remember to turn them on and off.

Interior Lights Keep the Thief Guessing

For many years, people have been leaving lights on when they are not home, with the thought that a house with lights on would make a thief believe that someone was home. While the old way of using interior lights on timers is not very effective these days, new smart lighting technology and controls have made interior lighting a key component to a good home security system.

Smart lighting configurations, like the connected lighting options offered by, can use smart bulbs, plugs, and switches, along with new software to mimic real activity. Rather than the lights turning on at a certain time in the evening and remaining on until the morning, the lights can be set to turn on and off at a more random pattern, creating a stronger illusion that someone may be home.

Lights Help Other Security Components

With products like’s Video Analytics, lights can help other components of your home security system work better. Lights that come on because of motion can be configured to detect the size and other characteristics of the person, animal, or object creating the motion. This means that rather than your lights coming on because of any motion, you can set your lights to only come on when a person triggers them. The lighting makes it possible for security cameras installed outside and inside your home to capture the details of the thief better.

Bonus Tip: Invest in Good Locks

The second tip that Toby shared was to not go cheap when purchasing the locks for your home. A good, strong lock on all of your exterior doors can help slow down a would-be-thief. This creates more time for the police to arrive or for a neighbor to notice what is happening. Don’t forget to include the door from your garage to the interior of your home either. Though this door has an added step of security because of the garage door, it can be an area of weakness in your home security if you don’t have a strong lock on it or if you are not in a habit of keeping it locked.

Let Us Help Protect Your Home

Contact us today to schedule a time to talk with our team about EGSecure, our new line of home security system installation and monitoring services for residential homeowners in the Southern California area.

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