Service Feature: Home Alarm Systems

An Emilygrene employee shows a customer how to use a security app

This month, we are celebrating the expansion of our home alarm system services to include both installation and monitoring. We are excited to be releasing details about this expanded service line soon, and to be offering more products and services to our residential homebuilder and home owner clients.

We began installing alarm systems to offer more convenience to the residential homebuilders that we work with. We started partnering with residential homebuilders primarily as a “green”, energy-efficient focused electrician, but quickly found that there were other ways that we could streamline the construction process for our clients. One of those ways has been to install alarm systems, working with both the builder and the homeowner to create a system that meets the homebuilder and owner’s needs.

Connecting Our Residential Services

When you look at the roots of our company – clean energy and energy-efficiency – it may be difficult to understand how installing and monitoring an alarm system could connect into those roots. What we find is that good systems, including electrical systems, work best when you consider them holistically. Sure, a homeowner or builder could use a separate contractor for each service needed, but this creates the need to rewire a home and communicate your vision to multiple contractors. By providing electrical services, smart home systems consulting and configuration, home theater consulting and installation, and alarm systems installation and monitoring, we can better ensure that our clients experience an efficient building process and that the systems installed meet their energy goals.

All-In-One Solutions

New technology has allowed more connectivity in homes, which also creates opportunity for automation and reduction in energy use. As we are expanding our service line, we are also looking at ways to help our client take advantage of these connectivity opportunities. We recently attended ISC West (International Security Conference & Exposition) in Las Vegas and was introduced to the latest technologies in home security. Many of these new systems will allow our clients to have some levels of personal monitoring, in addition to the professional monitoring services that we have begun to offer.

Alarm Services for Homebuilders

For our residential homebuilders, we work directly with each homeowner to make sure that the alarm, home theater, and smart home systems that we set up are exactly what they need for their lifestyle and home. Additionally, we offer services to the homeowners after the initial build, allowing them to add new systems and products to their home as their needs change. The after-build services also give our homebuilder clients a way to offer a value-add service to the homeowners that purchase the home in the future.

Ready for Smarter Protection

If you are a residential homebuilder in the Southern California area or a homeowner in the greater Los Angeles area and you are interested in a vendor that can provide all of your electrical services, including alarm systems installation and monitoring, contact us today. We will schedule a time to talk with you about your specific needs.

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