It’s The Small Things

Grene IOT.jpegFinding the Balance Between Policy and Reality

There has been a lot of talk over the years about ambitious green policies. Recently, a new bill was introduced in the House of Representatives, nicknamed the New Green Deal, included a plan for all existing buildings to be upgraded for energy efficiency. California has its Zero Net Energy goals that call for all new residential construction to be zero net energy by 2020. When we look at how rapidly the world’s climate is changing, it is not surprising why such ambitious policies are being pursued.

For companies, though, these big energy policies come with challenges. It can be overwhelming for CEOs, facility managers, and homebuilders, to know what each new policy means and how it will impact their business. For a multi-million-dollar business, constructing a new LEED certified building may be an easy choice to make. But, for a small manufacturer it becomes a much bigger decision about whether they will go green or pay this year’s utility bills. It is this space between policy and reality that we at Emilygrene Corp. thrive.

Can Businesses Choose Green and Be Financially Smart?

For most of our clients, the idea of undertaking a major energy efficiency project or choosing a product that was greener automatically means making a major financial cost. Sure, there are rebates and government programs that help offset the cost of investing in green technologies, but could it really be worth it? Could they make a business decision based on whether it was good for the environment or not?

When we first start working with a client, we do not sell them on all the wonderful ways that they can be energy efficient or green. We know that, ultimately, what matters is whether a solution fits for them, is affordable, and offers a return on their investment. We start by looking at previous energy bills and touring their facility to identify areas, like lighting, HVAC, automation, and controls, where we can make changes that save energy. We talk in numbers – the bottom line for a company – rather than in terms of saving the planet. We want to make this world better through the choices businesses make, but we also understand that those choices have to be achievable in the reality of the business.

Can the World be Changed by Small Things?

In our line of work, we focus on a lot of small things. We know that the ambitious policies need to exist to make a bigger impact on climate change, but we also know that change can happen in the small things that we and our clients do. We started our business retrofitting old light fixtures for new LED lights. It was a tiny thing among the many big things that could be done, but for our clients, it was a choice they could make. As new energy policies were rolled out, we started helping our customers explore the options of automation and controls to regulate energy use and navigate the options of greener HVAC solutions. Today, we work with homebuilders to build greener houses and offer amenities to their homeowners that leverage smart home technologies. These are all small things, but their impact is pretty big.

Take the First Step

If you have been wondering how to meet new energy and sustainability policies or want to know more about how your company can be more green, contact us today to schedule a time for a consultation. We will talk through your goals, challenges, and the policies that may drive some of your decisions, to develop a custom solution that fits your company.

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