5 Smart Ways to Watch Super Bowl LIII

superbowl_liii_logo_background_3x2Being held at one of NFL’s most sustainable stadiums, Super Bowl LIII is setting a smart energy standard we can all get behind. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA where this year’s Super Bowl game is being held has a LEED Platinum designation and was the first sports stadium to receive this designation. The sustainability does not stop there though. The host committee for the event has organized partnerships and events for food recovery, technology recycling, urban forestry, among other initiatives.

If one of the nation’s largest events can be sustainable, why shouldn’t your Super Bowl party be sustainable too? Here are five smart ways to watch Super Bowl LIII and be a little kinder to the environment (and save a little green on bills in the process).

1. Purchase Smart Surround System and Home Theater Products

Everyone thinks about the smart tv before the Super Bowl game, but a big tv without a good home theater could have your friends looking for a better spot to party next year. If you are going to invest in some new surround system or home theater products to go along with your big tv, choose ones that use smart technology, and of course…have the best ratings for energy efficiency. Your friends and your electricity bill will thank you.

2. Expand Your Wi-Fi Network

Most homes, especially older ones, are not prepared for all of the new smart technology that has hit the market in recent years. If you are one of the lucky ones who got a smart device for Christmas or have purchased one for yourself recently, you may find that it does not perform so well everywhere in your house. If you are already having issues with wi-fi connectivity before the Super Bowl, the overload of your friends on their phones may make you miss the best play of the game or the funniest commercial of the night.

3. Choose Smart Heating & Cooling Elements

When you’ve packed the living room with your closest friends and everyone is feeling the heat wave from your award-winning hot wings, you’ll wish you had purchased a smart heating or cooling element. Not only will simple smart thermometers and other HVAC devices save you money in energy savings, it will also save you energy in having to get up and down to keep the temperature nice and cool.

Control the Lighting

Did the receiver catch the ball or drop it before he had possession? Who knows if the glare from your lights or window was blocking your view. Lights, like the Lutron light fixtures we install, can be a very easy way to control the lighting in your home, as well as be sustainable and energy efficient. Something as simple as installing motorized shades can also save energy, while saving your game day experience.

Install a Smart Security System

Some people may have anxiety over their favorite team missing the game-winning kick, but, the real nightmare for Super Bowl LIII may be losing your tv, home theater, and other equipment before the game even begins. You’ve invested in a smart tv, home theater and surround system, now, protect it with a smart security system. Though you may have unexpected guests at your Super Bowl party, hopefully, a thief won’t be one.

Let Us Save Your Super Bowl Party

Make your 2019 Super Bowl party the best one yet. If you are interested in checking off any of the five smart ways to watch the Super Bowl this year, give us a call at 626-513-8705 or email us at info@emily-grene.com. There are so many ways you can make your home more energy efficient and better for the environment, and we would love to show you all or your options. Contact us today.

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