Samsung Is Leading The Way With Voice Controls

EG Home Theater offers a full range of products for home theater experiences and smart homes as part of our comprehensive catalogue (download by clicking here). But, our designers are always looking for the newest and best to be offered from some of our favorite brands.

Samsung is one of the giants leading the way for smart technology, and has recently announced a slew of new advancements to their smart TVs – the biggest being voice controls. Read below for more information from our friends at Slash Gear. Tell us what you think in the comments.

The following is an excerpt from “Samsung Puts Voice At The Heart Of The Smart Home” written by Chris Davies and originally published by Slash Gear. For the complete article, visit

It’ll open to third-party developers later in the year, though Samsung already has some significant names onboard. Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, and Spotify will all be using the new API to allow for voice navigation using the in-built apps Samsung’s Smart TV range offer.

Speech control isn’t new on TVs, of course. Amazon’s Fire TV Cube, for instance, allows you to ask Alexa to search for and play content, while soundbars like the Sonos Beam can control standalone streaming adapter like the Fire TV Stick. Apple TV and other set-top boxes have voice remotes, that can bypass on-screen keyboards for easier navigation.

Typically, though, they demand extra hardware beyond what comes in your TV itself. Samsung’s new Voice Media Control API, however, will integrate that into the TV, using the company’s voice remote.

It won’t just be hunting for TV content, mind. Samsung is also looking at ways to control more complex features in its high-end, connected devices in more user-friendly ways. That typically means less time digging through settings in an app, replaced by straightforward voice instructions.

Our motto: Start with a home theater, then let your imagination go wild. Smart homes are energy efficient homes, meaning you spend less on your monthly power bill, and make a difference for your community.

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Source: Slash Gear

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