The New Emilygrene Corp.

What’s new? Well, we are. That’s right! Emilygrene Corp. is moving in a new direction. Our team has never been afraid of change. We embrace new services, offers, promotions, and anything else that allows us to become better.

This Summer, we have been assessing exactly what you our customers want and value. We understand that energy efficiency is an investment, one that requires trust and confidence. The question that has been on our minds: How do we earn your trust and confidence?

We hope that the newest updates to our company will separate us from the competition, and more importantly, inspire you to transform your home or business with clean technology and maintenance. Energy efficiency is more than one thing – it is many upgrades and retrofits that each play a role in saving you energy and money.

From now on, we are more than one thing too. We are no longer just Emilygrene Corp., we are clean energy in all forms. Emilygrene Corp. will comprise of five divisions: Emilygrene Electric, EG Secure, EG Home Theater, EAC (Emilygrene Air Conditioning & Heating), and Emilygrene Foundation.

These five divisions ensure that when you decide to upgrade or retrofit using any of our Emilygrene Corp. services, you become part of our team. We want to sit and down and speak with you to discuss both your short term and long term needs. We know that most installers complete a project and you never hear from them again. We are your partners.

When we complete a job, we check in regularly through preventative maintenance programs. We provide classes and tutorials to help you learn about the newest in technological advances. We work with you to design plans and schedules to get your home or business on the road toward energy efficiency on time and on your budget.

We are in this together. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online so you can start with what you need, then discuss what you want.

Whether you have been with us from the beginning, or you are just hearing about “Emilygrene” and “clean energy,” we guarantee one of our specialized divisions will peak your interest. And because awareness and outreach are just as valuable to us, we encourage you to join us on social media, on our website, through our newsletter, or in person at our new offices in City of Industry, California to get the word out about all the good we can do together.

Together, we can make some real change. We believe in our business and our team and our services and our passion for change so much, that we often let our work speak for itself. But this Fall we are taking everything up a notch. Our community services efforts, our social media promotions, our contests and sweepstakes, case studies, events, and a few more surprises will keep the end of 2018 just as amazing as it’s been #AllSummerLong, all year long.

Ready to go GRENE? Stay tuned! Stay with us! We are just getting started.


Burke Ewers
President & CEO


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