What You Need To Know About Samsung’s Smart Things Smart Home Products

EG Home Theater is your one stop shop for anything you need to create your very own smart hub. Sure, a home theater is a great start. But we offer a full catalogue of smart home products where your imagination can go wild. One of the fantastic product lines we are proud to include in our EG Home Theater catalogue is the Samsung Smart Things range.

The Samsung Smart Things products were first unveiled three years ago and have since become a primary component to any signature smart home upgrade. Recent updates to Smart Things offerings include a new Samsung Smart Things hub, a multipurpose sensor, a motion sensor, a water leak sensor, and something uniquely referred to as “The Button.”

The hub is, of course, wireless – able to be placed anywhere in your home and to connect and control devices from your iOS or Android smartphone. If you are so inclined, your hub can also be pre-installed into a Samsung refrigerator or smart TV. What will they think of next?

Well, life just a little bit simpler now that Samsung products can connect to most major voices assistants such as Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This ensures that you receive notifications wherever you are along with alerts as to leaks, intrusions, devices that should be unplugged, and more.

Set the mood and the scene in any room with specific “Good Morning,” “Good Evening,” and “Good Night” settings that initiate a series of actions including turning off lights, activating alarms, and locking doors.

Use a multipurpose sensor to monitor windows or doggy doors. And lest we forget – “The Button.” This is a newly released push button option that can be programmed to to control actions within your home using a single press, a double press, or a long press.

For more details or information on the Samsung Smart Things smart home product line, to select start your very own home theater upgrade, or to just meet with an EG Home Theater consultant, simply click here.

EG Home Theater is a division of Emilygrene Corp.

Source: Pocket Lint



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