Smart HVAC Systems Guarantee Energy Savings – And Ideal Temperatures

This article includes excerpts from “Smart HVAC Systems Promise The Perfect Temperature – And Energy Bill Savings” by Shaunacy Ferro as originally published by Fast Business.

Has your home or business had the same HVAC system since you moved in? Then it may very well be time for an upgrade. Or, at the very least, some regular maintenance. EAC (Emilygrene Air Conditioning & Heating) offers installation, repair, and preventative maintenance for any HVAC system.

It is becoming essential to integrate smart devices into households and facilities in order to better control temperature settings and develop preventative maintenance schedules guaranteed to keep your system running longer and more efficiently. While smart devices can often be seen as luxurious or only for large scale operations, smart HVAC systems have never been more affordable and are now fixing many problems with existing setups.

Does one room always get hotter or colder than other rooms? Or maybe the conference room is freezing when all the other offices are comfortably room temperature?

Keeping your home or workspace at an ideal temperature is necessary to get through your day. There can be so many variables that affect this issue such as the number of vents, where they are located, the amount of natural light and heat, the number of available windows, the size of your room or office, and the number of people that need to occupy that space without breaking a sweat or shiver.

According to our friends over at Fast Company:

“Whereas most HVAC systems only have one temperature sensor to track the environment of the whole house, [smart HVAC systems] feature WiFi and Bluetooth connected smart vents that can be installed in every room to track temperature, air quality, room occupancy, and other factors to keep houses at the right temperature no matter what room you’re in.”

Among the top solutions on the market today is the Alea Air smart HVAC interface which includes a programmable thermostat and vents installed with 11 sensors that track everything from humidity, to air quality, to whatever is responsible for that weird noise in the ceiling. The Alea Air setup ensures that you will not need an entirely new household system, but that you can update any existing system.

For under $500, these are the types of air conditioning and heating options that an EAC consultant can discuss and help you draw up the perfect plan for your home. Control the temperature in individual rooms, decrease your overall energy bill, and do it all without breaking the bank on your initial investment.

For more information on Alea Air products, updating your existing air conditioning and heating system, or just what EAC can do for your home or business, schedule an appointment today by clicking here.

EAC is a division of Emilygrene Corp.

Source: Fast Company



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