Breaking News: Performance LED Products From Environmental Lights Now Available

Emilygrene Electric is dedicated to creating as many opportunities as possible for homes and businesses to “go green.” Going green can range from updating household wiring, to retrofitting existing outlets and circuit breakers, to undergoing an LED energy efficiency upgrade.

Our team of expert technicians specializes in installing LED retrofit kits and smart building IoT controls for businesses of all sizes. We do so by staying continually up-to-date on LED technologies changing the industry and making it easier than ever for your facility to change out existing fixtures with LED options guaranteed to save you energy and money.

Just this week, a new line of Performance LED fixtures from up and coming Environmental Lights based out of Southern California has people talking. Environmental Lights is one of the fastest growing private companies since opening its doors in 2006 and continues to create LED lighting systems that we are proud to support.

The new Performance Line is a specially designed series of fixtures meant to perform within the rigorous UL Class 2 requirements. In addition, Environmental Lights guarantees an industry-leading lumens to dollars value, giving designers like our Emilygrene Electric team the ability to meet your exact creative style while still meeting electrical and efficiency standards.

Environmental Lights Performance Line LED Striplight

The new Performance Line includes:

  • Performance 2835 LED Strip Light
  • Performance 160 Degree Cuttable LED Lattice
  • Performance 160 Degree Modular Light Sheets
  • Performance 160 Degree Light Bars

Each of these fixtures offers a range of color and temperature from 2,700 K up to 6,500 K. Depending upon the configuration, the Performance Line provides cost and power savings in any setting with fewer actual lights, as well as being available to our customers extra colors such as red, green, blue, and amber. These are especially unique fixtures to medium and large scale companies eager to meet energy efficiency goals while staying within budget.

For more details and information on Environmental Lights Performance Line products, our full range of LED and smart building IoT products, or to meet with an Emilygrene Electric consultant, simply click here.

Emilygrene Electric is a division of Emilygrene Corp.

Source: Environmental Lights




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