Are You Ready?

Are you ready? No, really? Because we have a lot coming up this Fall. As Summer winds down, we are getting even more amped to share some BIG news with you. If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t, c’mon, it’s easy, click here), you may know that we have been growing rapidly with new services and offers that maximize how we are able to bring energy efficiency to homes, businesses, and communities.

As a subscriber to Emilygrene Newsletter, you will now be the first to know that Emilygrene Corp. is going to split into five divisions, each with its own unique offer to you. We will be unveiling details in the coming weeks. For now, we are happy to explain how this will work.

Our five divisions will include:

Emilygrene Electric specializes in electrical services, LED upgrades, IoT controls, and all things, well, electric for commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

EAC is a full service installation and preventative maintenance solution for heating and air conditioning units whether you are a home or business owner.

EG Secure, a brand new solution, will provide security and surveillance monitoring across an entire home or an entire campus.

And EG Home Theater is more than its name, installing home theater and low voltage options along with smart technologies exclusively for residential homes.

The fifth division will launch this Fall – the Emilygrene Foundation. Our very own non-profit division will bring you key community outreach efforts and initiatives geared toward bringing awareness to green energy and inspiring action. One of these efforts is our brand new EG Street Team (sign up today by clicking here) which gives you the opportunity to share ideas, attend events, meet people, and make a difference as part of an energetic online community.

We are so excited about each and every one of these changes. And all of this will be under one parent company – Emilygrene Corp. We hope you are ready to grow and change with us, because we know that by introducing all of these services over the coming months, we can all become greener together.

We are asked so often: What do you do? What does Emilygrene Corp. do? The answer is we do more than one thing. We are LED. We are HVAC. We are home theater. We are smart technologies. We are electrical experts. We are security and surveillance. We are peace of mind. We are clean energy.

We have been working tirelessly to bring you every service possible that will help your home or business become more energy efficienct, utilize cutting edge technology, and modernize for the most affordable investment. Because “going green” should never break the bank.

Follow us. Message us. Join us. You will see these words all across our social media pages because that’s all it takes. With one message, we can send you brochures and vital information. We can schedule a consultation. We can discuss which one of our services work best for your situation. It all starts with a message. Our social media pages are your daily resource to what we can do for you. So, how can we help you?


Burke Ewers
President & CEO

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