Join Us! We Rise For Climate, Jobs, And Justice

As originally posted to the People’s Climate Movement website:

To change everything, we need everyone.

The People’s Climate Movement uses two key strategies to demand bold action on climate change: mass mobilization and movement alignment. By mobilizing massive numbers of people on the ground; finding alignment with partners under the banner of climate, jobs, and justice; and lifting up our core priorities of economic and racial justice, we build the power required to win real and lasting climate policy on the federal, state, and local level.

Since 2014, and the history-making Peoples Climate March, we’ve hit the streets across the country and around the world with hundreds of thousands of climate-minded folks – first-timers and veteran activists, alike. We’ve coordinated massive events, like the National Day of Action in 2015, that transformed the energy of the march into real palpable action and helped build the foundation of a broad-based climate movement from coast to coast. We’ve responded to the rapidly changing political moment swiftly and strategically, leading the charge to Resist, Build, and Rise at the 100 Days Mobilization in the Spring of 2017. The three-month action brought young people, union workers, faith leaders, and thousands more to the nation’s capital to demand climate, jobs, and justice and to remind the world that the rallying cry that united us four years ago still rings true today: to change everything, we need everyone.

We invite you to join us on September 8 in supporting the People’s Climate Movement by marching or participating in any way you can to bring awareness to clean energy and call on government leaders for support. Watch the video above for highlights from last year’s march and learn more about the People’s Climate Movement by clicking here.

Find a march local to your hometown or discover other ways to participate in the movement by signing up for updates on upcoming votes, volunteering, or getting the word out on social media. Also, read more on the goals of the People’s Climate Movement. Emilygrene Corp. shares common goals with this bold organization and their calls to action through our #GreenerTogether community outreach program.

We are proud to support the People’s Climate Movement and each of its affiliate organizations. We hope you will take the time to learn more about events such as the People’s Climate Movement march by joining our new EG Street Team. You can sign up today at and we will keep you posted on news and events that allow us to be, well, greener together. Together, we can make a difference.

Help create a brighter, greener future today. It’s time to hit the streets.

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