Four Reasons LED Technology Will Change Your Home

Through our Grene Homes program, we offer new and existing homeowners a comprehensive catalogue of smart home technologies and solutions. Any of these options can transform your home into a connected, energy efficient smart ecosystem.

One of the simplest products we offer to homeowners eager to begin their smart home transformation is LED can lights and similar technologies. By replacing each lighting fixture in your home with LED, you are guaranteed a sleeker appearance, dimmable options that connect to your smart hub, and less overall energy use.

Our expert Grene Homes team have compiled the following four major reasons that LED technology will benefit your household now and in the future.

LED lights will save you substantial energy use (and related costs) over incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. LED can lights are designed specifically for residential use with most featuring an Energy Star rating indicating 75 percent less energy use compared to similar outdated products with a lifespan near 25 years. It is expected, based on current electricity prices, that LED technology will save homeowners approximately $30 billion over the next 10 years.

LED technology uses a unique type of light source, a diode about the size of a grain of salt generating white light through a mixture of red, green, and blue rays. By doing so, the diode emits light in a single direction, reducing the need for diffusers or reflectors to achieve the look and feel you desire for each room in your house.

LED can lights and other various LED technologies offer a wider range of uses in your home, combining their size and design to fit into areas of your home previously unattainable. Under cabinet lighting is a popular option for kitchens and storage rooms while recessed lighting faces downward and creates a stylish flat ceiling surface for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and home offices. In addition, upgrading to LED can lights could reduce your downlight wattage by up to 75 percent.

When the holidays come, LED is your best solution for stringing lights and making your smart home as festive as possible. LED holiday lights use far less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, they can last up to 40 years (based on usage), and come with a lense made from epoxy rather than glass to reduce breakage. LED diodes also generate little to no heat, meaning you can worry less about risk of burn or fire with any LED fixture or holiday light in your home. Our Grene Homes experts always suggest using LED holiday lights to reduce stress on your electrical sockets and your energy bill.

To learn more about LED can lights, under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, or any other LED technology, schedule a consultation with a Grene Homes expert today at

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