All Summer Long

Summer is in full swing! Temperatures are soaring, beaches are packed, and we are all looking for ways to save money and stay cool at the same time. Our annual “Go Grene This Summer” campaign is here to help you with blog posts, sweepstakes, promotions, and special events to help you better understand how your home or business can maximize energy efficiency.

We are proud to have highlighted throughout July smart home devices as part of our #AllSummerLong sweepstakes. Every week, we showcase a cutting edge smart tech option guaranteed to save you time and energy. We are continuing this sweepstakes all of August and September. When you see one of these posts on social media, tell us what you think in the comments and you will automatically be entered to win some pretty awesome prizes. You can also share these posts with your friends and family who may be interested in upgrading their home this Summer.

Cool people just like yourself are joining our EG street team at to make a difference in their community by bringing awareness to some of the big issues coming out of the green energy movement. By joining you will receive an “Emilygrene USA” pin to show off your support as well as receive our exclusive Now. quarterly activist newsletter with key events, organizations, and causes you can take part in today for a brighter, greener future.

There are some amazing things happening in the worlds of technology and clean energy. Earth Overshoot Day just passed on August 1 signifying the moment when we as a planet have used more natural resources than than the planet can provide. An initiative started by our friends at the Global Footprint Network, Earth Overshoot Day is the type of unique event we hope will both educate and inspire each of us to do our part by donating, signing petitions, and starting a personal campaign as we continue to pursue the most urgent green issues.

It’s been a fantastic Summer so far! We hope your fun in the sun has been fantastic as well. One of our big accomplishments this month is our newly unveiled FAQ section on our YouTube page. This is a great way to answer any of your burning questions about all of our services, partners, and outreach efforts. We will keep updating this new section so check back and send us any questions you would like answered by our team.

As part of our Emilygrene team, you are among an organization of expert designers, technicians, business people, activists, and more ready to go “GRENE.” I have never been prouder to lead such a fantastic group of people to get to speak to each of you every month about the progress we are making together. Let’s keep moving forward. Let’s spread the word. Let’s share posts and ideas and conversations that not only make us stronger as a group, but as a planet.


Burke Ewers
President & CEO

Q3 18 Summer Logo

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