Create The Safest Home Security System With Grene Homes

Smart homes are one of the best investments you can make to save time, energy, and money all from the living room couch. Our team of experts are well equipped to help you design the safest home security system on the market using cutting edge technology and professional ingenuity.

Our Grene Homes Secure network guards your home with alarms, surveillance, and monitoring services to ensure your peace of mind. While our consultants are eager to walk you through each of these exciting components, today we can tell you all about the key elements of our security plans.

First, we talk to you one on one.

This allows our consultant to assess your needs Rather than going based off brand names, we can work with your entire family to do the research with you on the products that match your desired features and capabilities.

For example, if you have a family pet, if you are in a rented home, or if anyone in your house has a disability that limits movement. Each of these situations poses a new consideration when looking to install security components that may require in-wall installation or if a “panic switch” could be necessary.

We learn about you to design a system customized completely to what you need to feel safe and sound.

Second, good research and installation.

Your consultant is trained continuously to ensure they are up-to-speed on all new security technologies offered by Grene Homes. They have done the research to answer all of your questions immediately and precisely. We also provide web links and documentation to help in doing your own research. We want you to trust your security system from day one.

Once you feel comfortable with your plan, installation is a breeze. From simple components to household wiring and multi-zone systems, our trained technicians will have you up and running in no time. For any homeowner who’s ever tried installing a home security device and ended up confused or frustrated, we are here to make your life simple.

Third, integrating your new security system and beyond.

Once your system is completely installed to your satisfaction, we provide full integration with the rest of your smart home. Your smart home hub, smart speakers, or Amazon Alexa can all be integrated to control your security system with voice commands and program security features to match your schedule.

Beyond integrating your home, we stay by your side with Grene Homes Secure. We provide you with signage and stickers to ward off burglars, letting intruders know that your home is protected. We also offer monitoring services that connect your home to the local authorities to avoid any delays when you need help the most.

Schedule a consultation today or send us any questions you may have about Grene Homes or Grene Homes Secure.

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