EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns

It was announced last Thursday July 5, 2018 just following the Fourth of July celebration that Scott Pruitt, then head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), had resigned effective immediately. This is big news for protectors of the environment and advocates of energy efficiency initiatives as Pruitt continued to struggle with accusations of mismanagement and breach of ethics.

President Trump accepted the resignation via Twitter shortly after it was submitted. Pruitt was currently facing 13 investigations into his actions as head of the EPA mostly pertaining to expenses including soundproofing his office, a condominium for his wife, and $3.5 million for his security team.

Pruitt had done considerable damage to the progress of green energy in the United States, deregulating the EPA and removing funding from programs and projects that could considerably help businesses and homeowners adopt renewable energy as a primary source of power. Pruitt was also considered to liable to eliminate members of his staff that questioned his decisions and practices.

This marks a major shift for transforming the conversation around green energy as political leaders still find their way around the issue. The resignation should indicate a benchmark moment in the green energy movement. Unfortunately, even under new leadership the Trump administration still plans to eliminate the Clean Power Plan to effect clean energy policy and the United States still remains outside of the Paris Accord despite efforts by cities and towns to uphold the carbon emissions reduction standards.

Stay tuned with Emilygrene Blog to learn more about big moments in the green energy movement and how changes in the Trump administration could create momentum for our common goal of a 100 percent energy independent grid.

Source: The New York Times

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