From The Desk Of Burke Ewers – July 2018

Tell Me Something Good

Hello again, friends. I think you will notice that things look a little bit different as I write to you this time around. Emilygrene Newsletter has undergone a Summer makeover just in time for our annual “Go Grene This Summer” promotional drive. When we began publishing Emilygrene Newsletter last year, we set out to create a resource for our customers and online audience to stay current on big announcements from our field team and breaking developments from the green energy movement.

One year later, we have updated our monthly mailer to create a sleeker, simpler, and more comprehensive resource. We believe that as an industry leader installing energy efficient and innovative clean technology, we have an obligation to help businesses and individuals understand the benefits of “going green.” To do so, we want to start a conversation with all of you.

Emilygrene Blog is a tremendous resource to learn about headlines affecting the progress of the green energy movement. Our social media accounts keep you posted on programs, sweepstakes, and initiatives like our #GreenerTogether campaign where we can all work as a team toward one common goal. is an information base for any person, homeowner, or facility ready to make the switch to an essential green ecosystem.

And Emilygrene Newsletter is where all of these come together. We have compiled all of our newsletter resources into a single e-mail where you can share, click, and learn. There is no better time to make your voice heard and join us online and beyond. All we ask is one thing: tell us something good.

If an article catches your interest, let us or a friend know on social media. If you have experienced the power of clean energy in your community, or if you have experienced the power of our “Power of Three” service solution, send us a quick testimonial. And if you have an opinion on any of the changes we have made so far, tell us.

We look forward to continually working with you toward a brighter, greener future. We look forward to spending the Summer with you and getting to better know each other. We look forward to making a difference as a team ready for more than just talking about change, but making it happen – one day at a time.


Burke Ewers
President & CEO

Q3 18 Summer Logo

Q1 18 GT Logo

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