Arizona Prepares For 80 Percent Clean Energy Bill

June is coming to an end and that means that 2018 is halfway complete. It has been our goal this year to amp up our community outreach efforts through both #GreenerTogether and our Now. campaign highlighting key influencers and benchmarks in the green energy movement.

We have taken pride in putting the spotlight on states and cities nationwide that are making a difference now to create a brighter, greener future for everyone. As an industry-leader in clean energy, Emilygrene Corp. is dedicated to 100 percent renewable energy independence in the very near future.

This week, a regulator in Arizona is doing their part to contribute to nationwide initiatives that promote “going green” and help to move the dial toward 100 percent. In a letter to fellow regulators and the public, Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) member Andy Tobin last week outlined how the commission will proceed in developing a new rule directing utilities to meet an 80% clean energy standard by 2050.

Tobin will file a draft version of the rule by July 5, to be discussed at the ACC’s open meeting scheduled for July 19. Tobin announced the plan in January, for utilities in the state to source the bulk of their electricity from renewables and nuclear within about three decades. Along with that, utilities will be directed to deploy 3,000 MW of energy storage by 2030.

This type of work from an individual is a fantastic example of how we can all inspire change through the simplest of actions. Tobin’s contribution has the potential to establish Arizona as a major proponent of clean technology and energy efficiency upgrades. If his bill is enacted, Arizona citizens will recognize substantial increases in renewable energy power supply as well as decreases to overall energy costs.

This effort will require teamwork. We encourage all of you to spread the word about this fantastic opportunity for the state of Arizona. We can all make a difference from posting on social media, to telling all your friends about good news from the energy sector, to starting conversations and shifts in your local community. We are all clean energy so long as we work together.

Source: Utility Dive

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