City Of London Will Be 100 Percent Renewable Energy By End Of Year

When events like the FIFA World Cup™ come around, it is a fantastic opportunity to remember we are more than our individual communities. We are an international community of activists, influencers, businesses, executives, and individuals dedicated to eliminating carbon emissions and fossil fuels and promoting a clean energy future.

Emilygrene Corp. is proud to highlight causes and happenings going on within the green energy movement as part of our #GreenerTogether and Now. community activist campaigns. We believe that in addition to our core business integrating energy efficiency into homes and businesses that it is our responsibility to also educate and promote clean energy.

We have ventured to many parts of the United States to see what local businesses, statehoods, corporations, and towns are doing to make an impact and inspire our political leaders. This week we are jumping across the pond to the City of London, a “Square Mile” central district of London that has announced they will achieve 100 percent renewable energy independence by the end of this year.

They have accomplished this feat by investing in solar panels for all businesses in the district, developing large wind and solar projects, and purchasing a regular amount of clean energy from the local grid. While this is only a section of the larger London town, it is also a primary financial sector whose transformation establishes London as a big player in the move toward climate change and overall energy efficiency.

The City of London corporation will partner with schools, social housing, markets, and 11,000 acres of green space to install renewable energy capacity. The corporation behind this remarkable transformation joins several municipalities taking action and making a difference now in spite of local governments that have yet to enact sweeping reform in favor of energy efficiency or fulfill their ongoing pledge to Paris Agreement reductions and benchmarks.

According to Catherine McGuiness, Chairman of the Policy Resource Committee for the City of London, “Sourcing 100 percent renewable energy will make us cleaner and greener, reducing our grid reliance, and running some of our buildings on zero carbon electricity. We are always looking at the environmental impact of our work and hope that we can be a beacon to other organisations to follow suit.”

Source: Inhabitat

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