FIFA And United Nations Partner To Reduce Carbon Emissions

The 2018 FIFA World Cup™ is under way and the world has come together to celebrate one of the most popular sports on the planet. With an event of this size and global reach, FIFA understands the detriment carbon emissions produced by large events can have on the environment. The organization has been a long-time promoter of “going green,” in the past transitioning their stadiums to solar power and setting an example for other large-scale events to follow suit.

This year, FIFA has partnered with the United Nations to help ticket holders and participants limit the amount of unavoidable emissions resulting from air travel to this year’s hosting nation Russia. FIFA has vowed to contribute toward global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and uphold the goals and values of the Paris Agreement.

This campaign will drive awareness of what individuals can do to limit their impact on the environment and the amount of energy they use in their international travels as well as compensate for unavoidable emissions. According to Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of U.N. Climate Changes, “I commend FIFA for leading by example in reducing the climate impact of the 2018 World Cup and encouraging football fans to act on climate change. Reducing emissions as far as possible and compensating for emissions that cannot be avoided is the best way to score goals for the climate and our common future.”

The strategy is to play out in two parts, both offsetting operational emissions produced by FIFA organizers, and supporting and engaging with attendees to neutralize any negative impact. All ticket holders are encouraged to sign up for free at to show support, with FIFA promising to offset 2.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents for every signature (otherwise equal to the amount of emissions produced by an average ticket holder).

In addition, other verified low carbon projects will be selected to support throughout June in both Russia and abroad. In 2016, FIFA became the first international sports organization to join the U.N. Climate Change Initiative Climate Neutral Now.

Emilygrene Corp. is a proud supporter of clean energy and all businesses who have invested time and effort to say, “We Are Still In.”

Source: UNFCC

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