Honeywell Introduces Honeywell Home App For Android

Attention all Honeywell users! Honeywell International, Inc. has officially launched a new app specially designed to offer a more intelligent control over its entire range of smart home products. This new app will replace the existing Honeywell Lyric app which controlled functionality only for the Lyric smart thermostat. According to the company, the app is expected to now cover multiple facets of your smart home, including: security cameras, thermostats, water leak detectors, and future products yet to be unveiled.

Tech experts believe the app will integrate a sleeker interface in order to control each of these devices seamlessly along with announced Honeywell membership plans that will give security users the option to store camera footage online. Overall, the innovative new designs and functionalities have been assessed as a simpler way to manage subscriptions and control your smart home.

Current Honeywell Lyric app users will immediately notice the change in logo to a red house icon that will make selecting the app from a crowded screen easier than ever. The most attractive elements getting smart home owners excited is a cleaner look with all changes incorporated into a single base.

According to Android Headlines, “The application has been built entirely new from the ground up to improve stability and integration with Honeywell’s products. That means the smart device features of those should work better than ever.”

The app can currently be updated or downloaded from the Google Play store with your purchase and installation of any Honeywell smart home products. For additional information on Honeywell products and upgrading your home, feel free to message us on social media or schedule an appointment at

Source: Android Headlines

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