Tech Companies Inspire Us To Act Now For Clean Energy

Emilygrene Corp. has believed since Day One that people working together toward a common goal can achieve anything – including clean energy dependence. The sam can be applied to businesses. Adobe, the popular tech company responsible for quite a few of our favorite softwares and gear, discussed over the past week the efforts it is taking company-wide to promote renewable resources, how it is pushing fellow tech companies to do the same, and what we can all do to make a difference.

Collaboration is a centerpiece of the green energy movement. Since its very first moments twenty years ago, it has been collaboration and partnerships that have made each great stride toward a major development. The tech world has in the past few years set up major developments of their own that have created numerous opportunities for other companies and individuals to get involved in the revolution.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, GM, WalMart, and Microsoft have each left their own impact on the green energy movement, including grid-scale renewable energy purchases that have helped to eliminate fossil fuel powered grids and establish true renewable grids. Through the combined efforts of these large corporations, the cost of renewable energy has decreased substantially allowing smaller companies to affordably endorse and use clean resources.

Of course, there is still more work to be done. The ultimate goal to be 100 percent renewable energy dependent by 2035 will require a complete decarbonization of the grid as well as the endorsement by a majority of local, regional, and federal policy makers in order to open up renewable access to everyone.This is where we can all help.

Adobe, Emilygrene Corp., and many other businesses are also partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund, the Clean Power Plan, and the We Are Still In coalition to help promote, educate, and bring awareness to the very real need to “go green” by 2035. By channelling our combined effort into sharing these messages, participating in ongoing events, and doing our small part, we can make big change. We can all eliminate large chunks of our carbon footprint and act together to make these goals a reality. We are proud to support fellow companies and people who believe we are all greener together.

Join us on, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is our chance to reshape the world as one united people.

Source: Sustainable Brands

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