Swing States Going For Green Energy

Green energy has faced an uphill battle in the United States for over two decades. Since the the threat of global warming was made evident through scientific research, and subsequently the need for renewable resources made immediate, an ongoing debate has divided voters. However, it appears due in good part to advocacy, education, and technological advancements, the green energy movement is finally on the cusp of swaying those previously unconvinced to push for 100 percent renewable energy independence.

According to Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research conducting a poll for the Sierra Club, a majority of voters in key swing states say they would support state policy mandating 100 percent renewable energy use including wind and solar. The states polled included Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Colorado.

This is a big leap from just five years ago, especially in Pennsylvania and Ohio where a majority of Republican voters also backed renewable energy. The results indicate a favorability toward clean energy, marking a path toward midterm Senate elections and the 2020 presidential election. As clean energy initiatives catch on with a growing number of voters, elected officials will now be faced with taking decided action for a renewable future or face voter backlash.

A conscious effort to push for government support originating from the green energy movement is now yielding a much needed effect. Jodie Van Horn, director of the Ready for 100 campaign through the Sierra Club, noted, “The overarching message is that from the Colorado Rockies to the coast of Virginia, the public and the United States is ready for 100 percent clean, renewable energy.”

Source: The Hill

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