Environmental Defense Fund Analyzes Future Of Clean Energy Jobs (Video)

Emilygrene Corp. is a proud member of green energy movement. In addition to our energy efficient service solutions for homes and businesses, we consider it our obligation to spread the word about green energy. Energy efficiency is the future of our national infrastructure and sustainability, meaning we must act now to see the changes we need to achieve for a greener tomorrow.

As part of our Greener Together Community Outreach Program, we have partnered with communities, non profit organizations, and awareness initiatives to do our part in providing the most current and vital information to as many as possible. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is an environmental organization dedicated to achieving results for both people and our natural landscapes by driving science and advocacy as well as promoting clean energy initiatives across the country.

In a new webinar published by EDF Climate Corps, Ellen Shenette, EDF Climate Corps manager, and Ben Metcalf, former EDF Climate Corps fellow, shared highlights from EDF’s recent clean energy jobs report and discussed the implications of the Trump administration’s policies on the future growth of the industry.

The forum is a deep insight into where we are as a movement on providing and increasing the number of available clean energy jobs as well as elevating the influence of companies to affect real change. Over the past decade, organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund have worked tirelessly to integrate technology and awareness to foster innovation.

Emilygrene Corp. hopes to provide our clients and supporters with information to actively discuss the role clean energy plays in protecting our environment, cutting energy costs, and making a difference together. You can watch the full webinar and comment below.


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