Companies Worldwide Make Green Energy Stronger Than Ever

You’ve heard it repeated over and over again – this past decade has seen substantial growth for green energy solutions. So much so that the International Energy Agency expects that 40 percent of global power generation will be comprised of renewable resources by 2040. More precisely, clean energy is expected to continue growing faster than any other energy source within the next five years alone.

This is, of course, due to price drops that have made “going green” more affordable than ever. In addition, companies, organizations, and individuals all around the world are doing their part to innovate and bring awareness to renewable resources and clean energy technology. That includes you. Your hard work to share and spread the word about green energy this year have helped to make energy efficiency an unavoidable part of reshaping our future.

Thank You for your continued support of our mission to bring energy efficiency to businesses and facilities across the nation. It is your involvement that makes our work possible. Joining us on social media, subscribing to Emilygrene Newsletter, working with our #GreenerTogether community outreach program – these all play a part in driving the green energy movement to new heights.

In order to celebrate the strides we have made this year, we want to bring attention to other companies new and old that go “beyond the balance sheet,” according to the recently published inaugural Energy 100 List created by Thomson Reuters. The list highlights companies that “in addition to their solid financials, have created advanced sustainability programs, developed groundbreaking technologies, and benefited their surrounding communities.”

Jeremy Berke at Business Insider featured eight of the Top 25 energy companies in the world as determined by Thomson Reuters. Berke briefly sums up the influence or achievements that have made these companies so noteworthy.

  1. Canadian Solar Inc. is one of the three largest solar companies in the world by revenue. In addition, Canadian Solar Inc. has reduced its amount of carbon dioxide emitted per megawatt of electricity generated by 42% since 2012, according to the company’s most recent Corporate Sustainability Report.
  2. CropEnergies AG is the leading European manufacturer of sustainably-produced biofuels. Such biofuels, like CropEnergies’ bioethanol, emit less carbon dioxide than gasoline or diesel.
  3. First Solar Inc is an Arizona-based manufacturer of solar panels. The company’s thin-film panels have approximately half the carbon footprint of traditional solar panel installations.
  4. GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of green energy. GCL-Poly is an industry leader in cogeneration — the process of using a power plant to generate useful heat and electricity at the same time.
  5. Global Pvq SE is a German-based manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels.
  6. Green Plains Inc is a Nebraska-based producer of ethanol. The fuel is domestically produced, and the company is working to create green jobs in rural communities.
  7. Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corp Ltd is based in Beijing. The company’s business is split into two parts: The first provides technology to coal power plants in China that reduces emissions and maximizes energy efficiency. The second — the company’s environmental protection division — offers sulphur oxide control, denitrification, and water treatment technologies.
  8. Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd is a Hong Kong-based solar panel manufacturer. Hanergy Thin Film Power Group‘s thin-film panels are flexible and lightweight, making them easy to use in a variety of applications — like on the surface of a solar-powered car or mobile electronics.

We will continue to work hard as a community and as a business dedicated to green energy to ensure that these accomplishments and innovations to build a better future. One day at a time, we hope you will continue to work with us so we can get there together.

Source: Business Insider

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