Emilygrene Corp. To Continue Community Outreach Efforts Into 2018


Emilygrene Corp. To Continue Community Outreach Efforts Into 2018

Glendora, California – October 31, 2017 – Southern California based clean energy installer Emilygrene Corp. announced today plans to continue their #GreenerTogether community outreach, promotion, and education efforts into 2018. The company expects to launch and coordinate promotional tools, learning materials, events and more aimed at spreading the word about clean energy to communities nationwide.

The ongoing “#GreenerTogether Community Outreach Campaign” will continue to emphasize the importance of clean and renewable resources as well as the impact of politics and public perception in moving toward 100% energy efficiency. Through news and information published weekly on the company web outlet Emilygrene Blog, Emilygrene Corp. hopes to work with communities on better understanding green energy initiatives.

Previous efforts have included sweepstakes that encourage the public to interact and share stories about the positive effects of “going green” in their local communities. Additionally, a new “Community” web page was introduced in May featuring “Community Outreach Partners.” Listed are organizations sponsored by Emilygrene Corp. as part of a mission to “Go Past Going Green,” supporting causes that enact greater social change in local communities.

According to Emilygrene Corp. CEO Burke Ewers, “We want everyone to understand that clean energy is more than installations or light bulbs. ‘Going green’ is a movement that changes communities for the better. When businesses become energy efficient, they inspire their community to also conserve and protect their infrastructure by modernizing. Our goal is to bring attention to the organizations making a difference in communities now, and to inform as many as we can on how clean energy helps to shape that impact.”

The #GreenerTogether campaign began in March as a series of informative articles on green energy news and events in small cities and towns, and quickly grew into a fully fledged outreach initiative that will continue to be a top priority for Emilygrene Corp. The company hopes that its own efforts will generate interest in supporting both green energy and community welfare as a whole.

Emilygrene Corp. Director of Marketing Chirstopher Razo describes, “There are so many people who wonder why they should care about clean energy. Our hope is that through our contributions we can spread the word that clean energy is important because it makes our communities stronger and ready for the future. We encourage anyone who would like to show support to use #GreenerTogether, to share our resources, and to even work with us personally. It all makes a difference.”

Emilygrene Corp. currently plans to continue their efforts into and throughout 2018. New resources will be published weekly to Emilygrene Blog along with interactive games, contests, and sweepstakes on social media. An event celebrating green energy and those who support the cause is also expected in the coming months to support future efforts. Updated information can be found at http://www.emilygrene.com/community.

Burke Ewers is CEO and member of the board of directors for Emilygrene Corp. with over 15 years experience in the energy industry. Emilygrene Corp. is a provider of clean energy and energy efficient technology for facilities across the United States, located at 2247 Lindsay Way in Glendora, California. With over five years of service, the company is dedicated to retrofitting and modernizing facilities in order to support clean energy and ensure future sustainability.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE: https://www.prlog.org/12673904-emilygrene-corp-to-continue-community-outreach-efforts-into-2018.html

Christopher Razo


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