Emilygrene Corp. Appoints Jeremiah Gill As Vice President Of Operations


Emilygrene Corp. Appoints Jeremiah Gill As Vice President of Operations

Glendora, California – September 6, 2017 – Emilygrene Corp. has officially appointed Jeremiah Gill as Vice President of Operations, responsible for project coordination and company-wide design and implementation.


Gill comes to Emilygrene Corp. with over a decade of field experience, having proven himself an expert in lighting installation and leadership. His previous work as both a technician and prominent foreman has prepared him to take on the position which includes guiding a team of skilled technicians through ongoing projects spanning across Southern California.

According to Emilygrene Corp. CEO Burke Ewers, “We are proud of the success and projects we have achieved this year. We are moving forward and looking to grow Emilygrene Corp., and we are thrilled to have Mr. Gill on our team. He is a tremendous asset that has demonstrated he will continue our expected level of excellence.”

Emilygrene Corp. has expanded both their scope of services and projects throughout 2017 with a bold vision to bring clean energy technology to any and all facets of businesses nationwide. Mr. Gill steps into the role with a vision to build on past progress and expand the Emilygrene Corp. brand.

“This is an exciting venture both for me personally and professionally,” Gill proclaims. The opportunity to join the Emilygrene team and become part of a growing movement is exciting. I look forward to growing our mission and bringing us to new heights as a clean energy leader.”

Mr. Gill first joined the Emilygrene Corp. in May and officially entered the position of Vice President – Operations as of September 1. For more information, please visit http://www.emilygrene.com.

Burke Ewers is CEO and member of the board of directors for Emilygrene Corp. with over 15 years experience in the energy industry. Emilygrene Corp. is a provider of clean energy and energy efficient technology for facilities across the United States, located at 2247 Lindsay Way in Glendora, California.


Christopher Razo


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