Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Distribution Centers

BK:EC Advert #2Energy efficiency has quickly become a way of doing business, a primary aspect of saving money and staying competitive. When considering an energy efficiency upgrade through B&K Electric (powered by Emilygrene Corp.), we understand that for a distribution center efficiency is more than energy. Getting your orders out the door is always the first priority.

Finding how your upgrade can provide building systems and designs with long lasting operational efficiency and energy cost savings is where we can be your experts. From determining the number of LED fixtures required to properly light your warehouse space to specifying which warehouses must be heated, cooled, or controlled for humidity, to calculating actual return on investment (ROI) and cost savings – we have the proven experience you need.

Our energy efficiency building techniques can tackle any aspect of transforming your facility with clean energy technology. Our zone lighting and controls are among the top methods of maximizing your ROI. With optimal LED retrofit kits, lamps, and high bay fixtures, your warehouse could be brighter, more productive, and all with less running lights and less energy use.

Beyond the bulbs themselves, automated lighting controls can be installed to work together with your warehouse activity. Fixtures are programmed to turn off when no one is in the area or during downtime. These areas can be as big or small as necessary and increase savings to a significant level. Furthermore, daylighting is a terrific option to combine your energy efficient lighting upgrade with windows and skylights that utilize sunlight during daylight hours and control indoor temperatures.

The big question, though, is how does all of this affect your overall distribution goals? The answer is simple. Research has shown that these solutions create an environment that improves worker morale, increases productivity, reduces sick time, and keeps product moving off the shelves.

Our solutions help to improve the comfort of your workplace. We understand that warehouses and distribution centers are most affected by temperatures in open areas when looking at energy loss. Our additional offerings include solar panels, ceiling mounted fans, and additional insulation that can reduce stress on your HVAC system during summer and winter months.

These options are simple with relatively fast payback and further increase your ROI through energy savings per month and utility rebates and credits. Ultimately, you are left with an affordable energy efficiency upgrade that covers every aspect of your distribution center, generates quick savings, and maximizes your overall workplace efficiency through increased well-being.

We design your warehouse upgrade based on your current energy use, key opportunities to capture savings, and any exact specifications you may require. It is all about you and your bottom line. Keeping your costs in check is what keeps you in business. Contact us to schedule an energy audit and take the first steps toward completing your energy efficiency upgrade. For more information on initiating your project, check out our advice on “How to Invest in Energy Efficiency.”

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