10 Ways To Conserve Energy This Summer

Whether you are in the center of Manhattan, the heart of Texas, or on the California coastline, one thing can be certain – it is hot. Temperatures are rising with Summer in full swing throughout the United States and it will be all most of us can do to stay cool. Don’t let the sweltering heat take a toll on your check book too. As energy use in your home or business continues to rise, Vectren Energy has provided 10 tips to stay energy efficient, conserve energy, and save money all Summer long. Emilygrene Corp. wants to help you go green this Summer, and the following measures are a simple way to start.

1. Routinely clean and/or replace your air conditioner filter. Either on your own or as part of a preventative maintenance agreement, replacing your filter ensures your HVAC unit continues to run at full efficiency and supply better air flow.

2. Maintain your HVAC condensing unit. On the outside of your home or business is an HVAC condensing unit. By removing leaves and debris, and hosing off accumulated dirt, you can ensure your system continues to function efficiently with less down time.

3. Raise the thermostat. For each degree raised on your thermostat during a sustained 8-hour period, cooling costs can decrease by 1 to 3 percent. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a Summer thermostat setting no lower than 78 degrees.

4. Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat is an excellent energy efficiency control to maximize savings and remove the hassle of manually adjusting your thermostat. Emilygrene Corp. is proud to provide installation of programmable thermostats and work with you or your business to ensure the best possible savings and comfort.

5. Close large windows and doors. Get the most out of your cooling system by keeping cold air inside as long as possible. By closing any large windows, storm windows, or doors, you are able to better control airflow and keep your building or home cooler longer.

6. Minimize appliance use. Certain appliances that generate excess heat such as stoves, washers, and dryers can trap hot air inside your home when used. It is best to only use these large appliances at night when temperatures are cooler during Summer months.

7. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. If you have a ceiling fan to keep you cool in your home or office, consider changing the direction of the fan to counter-clockwise. This will allow the fan to circulate cool air. With more cool air available, you are now free to raise the thermostat 3 to 4 degrees and begin saving money.

8. Speaking of ceiling fans, turn it off once in awhile. It is important to remember that fans cool people, not rooms. If a room is empty, save some electricity and turn off your ceiling fan.

9. Close your blinds or curtains. On top of keeping large windows and doors closed, consider also closing your blinds or curtains to keep heat out of your home or office building. While sunlight may brighten your surroundings, it will also increase indoor temperatures and cause additional air conditioner use.

10. Speak with a trained energy efficiency professional or contractor about a home energy or business audit. By analyzing the age of your current lighting and HVAC components, and additionally measuring insulation and leakage levels, over a 1 to 2-hour walk-through, a trained professional can assist you with an energy efficiency upgrade.

Emilygrene Corp. is available to businesses and facilities, and able to help homeowners as well, in analyzing current energy use and determining where clean energy technology could save you time, energy, and money.

Source: Tristate

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