We Are Still In

The Paris Agreement was and is a symbol of unity between almost every nation on the planet to pursue and achieve global clean energy initiatives. Together, lower emission output, increased installation of energy efficiency technology, and increased renewable energy production are all possible within the next decade.

President Trump and those opposed to green energy saw the retreat from the Paris Agreement as a victory. We saw it as a challenge. Currently, we are in the midst of a green revolution, a breaking point ten years in the making that will give way to affordable clean energy infrastructure and eliminate fossil fuel energy production.

In response to the decision by President Trump, Emilygrene Corp. was proud to join nearly 1000 American businesses as part of the “We Are Still In” Coalition, one of the several groups established to counter the Trump Administration and support the benchmarks set forth by the Paris Agreement. State and local governments understand they can no longer ignore clean energy and its movement.

Whether it be community support, renewable energy options more affordable than traditional energy production, or job creation for work that cannot be outsourced, green energy has made its mark as an undeniable force in American society. This impact is only reinforced by the 12 U.S. states that form the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance, the 350 U.S. mayors who have committed to full implementation of the Paris Agreement, the 130 U.S. cities that make up the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate Energy, and the 43 U.S. companies (including Coca-Cola, General Mills, and Hewlett Packard) with targets to reduce carbon emissions.

California Governor Jerry Brown and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are responsible for spearheading America’s Pledge and the “We Are Still In” coalition, both geared toward the greener future we all envision. And if our passion is not enough, we also have economics on our side. In addition to the ethical benefits of “going green,” businesses are finding it easier to justify retrofits because of the savings.

American companies on average see a return of $2 to $3 on energy supply spending for every $1 invested. The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) have simplified purchasing of clean energy technology for all sizes of business and utilities. These same businesses are unable to deny the innovation and competitive edge they are able to share with their customer base all stemming from green energy.

There is an urgency to the change we seek. We need to remain diligent and continue pushing our leaders to take action on our behalf. Our part is to spread knowledge and information as far as possible, to promote green energy to as many as possible, and to make the alterations to our businesses and facilities that will bring attention to the need for green initiatives. We are still in and we are proud of it. Are you?

Source: Huffington Post

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