U.S. Mayors Take A Stand For Green Energy

In a true demonstration of power in numbers, a bipartisan group of mayors from across the United States, over 250 gathered for the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Miami Beach, Florida on June 26, threw their support behind a unanimous commitment to have all U.S. cities run on 100% renewable sources within two decades.

Additionally, most mayors involved in the conference signed a deal to uphold the Paris Agreement, demonstrating a growing number of U.S. cities, states, businesses, and organizations remaining involved in the international pact and its ambitious benchmarks toward fighting climate change.

“Mayors have been involved in the frontline of climate and energy issues for so long, but the president’s actions have really just ignited the excitement of mayors and citizens who want to get to do a whole lot more,” said Steve Benjamin, Democratic mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, one of three mayors who proposed the resolution.

This mostly symbolic gesture will be sent to Congress and the White House as a means of influencing legislation that will help to remove roadblocks in some states having trouble reaching 100% renewable energy use. Cities and states are working on the front line to shape the policies that could eventually provide renewable energy sources to their residents. Six U.S. cities have already reached this goal including Aspen, Colorado and Burlington, Vermont.

With coal and other traditional sources the predominant energy source (and major political influencer) in many states, legislation will be required to make the transition simple and, in some cases, possible.

According to David Sandalow, former undersecretary of energy during the Obama administration, “[It’s] certainly possible in some cities, much more challenging in others.”

Following the decision, billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a speaker at the conference, announced a $200 million initiative for cities to begin projects that will affect a range of issues including climate change.

In a political climate where so much is divided, the green energy movement is thriving. Through education and awareness, businesses, municipalities, and individuals on all levels are recognizing the need to stand together and push for 100% renewable energy sources. Each energy efficiency project, each LED fixture, each clean energy initiative and preventative measure, all of these measures taken by all of us make it clear to our legislators and the world that we will progress. So much can happen when we work together, as seen by this exemplary step taken by our city leaders. Emilygrene Corp. strives to provide the resources, the information, and, yes, the installation work and services that move green energy to the next level.

Source: ABC News

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