Beware Summer HVAC Scams

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to any home or commercial business. Throughout the year, whether it be a cold winter or the scorching summer months, HVAC failures can be both costly and problematic. With these systems being difficult to navigate for both homeowners and on-site facility technicians, using a certified HVAC repair and maintenance contractor can save you both time and money.

Chances are as an HVAC system owner or operator, you will face an HVAC failure at some point. With service providers often lacking the honesty or expertise to tackle the issue immediately (or attempt to avoid it in the first place), an HVAC contractor is your on-call solution to getting your building or home back to its coziest temperature.

It goes without saying that when temperatures get extreme and an HVAC system is out of commission, people are often lead to make snap decisions and accept the first offer at their door. Unfortunately, that offer may often provide overestimates on pricing or a quick fix that will leave you scrambling for additional repairs in the near future.


Licensed HVAC contractors such as Emilygrene Corp. are experts in the field and able to assist home and business owners to do their homework on necessary upgrades and repairs before making any final agreements. It is our obligation to ensure you resist pressure to perform large projects without additional research and to consider second opinions on large-ticket items.

According to Midlothian Chamber of Commerce President Cammy Jackson, “Consumers need to do their research. They should also get two quotes from different HVAC companies. They can contact the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. Also, ask friends and family for referrals to reputable A/C companies they may have used. Finally, they can contact their local Chamber of Commerce to see if the business is a member.”

Preventative maintenance is very helpful in lowering overall energy and HVAC maintenance costs as it can usually isolate a problem before your HVAC system shuts down. One of the most frequent problems that arise when dealing with a service provider or unlicensed contractor is billing errors. These can be headaches and result in miscalculated charges or legal consequences.

An honest and reliable licensed HVAC contractor stays on a project from beginning to completion and beyond. That is what should be expected and will protect you from being swindled or left with unsatisfactory work. A checklist is provided below of what to do when considering entering into a preventative maintenance agreement or when major HVAC system issues arise.

  • Get a written estimate.
  • Check for licensing and workmans’ compensation and liability insurance.
  • Make sure the contractor has an established local, physical address.
  • Verify them with Angie’s List, your contractor board, and department of consumer protection.
  • Ask them to give you the old parts after replacement.
  • Be skeptical of contractors who pressure you to do expensive work right away.
  • Trust your gut; if it feels wrong, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion.

Emilygrene Corp. is available to help you with this process, whether you partner with us or not. Give us a call at 855-GO-EMILY.

Source: Focus Daily News


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