Smart Energy People: Green Energy Careers Hit Record High


When it comes to a career in green energy, now is the time to consider your options. Emilygrene Corp. was proud to initiate our first ever Employment Opportunity Drive this past Spring to educate the public on careers in clean energy and make our own application process simple and user friendly. Simplicity is the key to a green energy career. Innovation, dedication, and talent have driven the green energy movement to new heights in only a decade, and now talented individuals are needed to continue making the idea and implementation of green energy, well, simple and user friendly.

According to recent statistics released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), other employers in the clean energy industry have take our lead and spurred jobs in renewable energy to a 12% growth throughout 2016. That amounts to 9.8 million jobs in the renewable and alternative energy field (in comparison to 8.3 million jobs at the beginning of 2016).

Clean power continues to rise as prices make consistent drops and interest from Fortune 500 corporations continues to force political opinion in favor of “going green.” Over the past three years alone, careers in solar energy have jumped by 82 percent while careers in wind energy have jumped by an astounding 100 percent.


While the Trump Administration has proposed slicing U.S. investment in clean energy innovation through the 2018 national budget, the numbers tell a different story about the future of green initiatives. Jobs in solar energy including photovoltaics and solar heating are up by 117,000 in the U.S. The increase by itself is over double the total number of coal mining jobs today – a total of 51,000.

Combine solar and wind related careers with booming new fields including hydropower, geothermal energy, and clean energy installation, green energy remains poised to be both an environmental and economic success. As the United States continues to build its renewable infrastructure, the demand for smart energy people will become ever more prevalent.

Making businesses, facilities, and cities energy efficient is a goal that makes coming to work each day more than a task, but a chance to enact real change. In the words of Emilygrene Corp. CEO Burke Ewers, “We have confidence that if any person has the skill, the talent, and the passion, there is a place for them in our company.”

From experienced industry veterans, to university students and young professionals, green energy is a movement that is never finished, constantly growing, and has the potential to re-shape our cities for the better. Taking pride in your work is just part of the job. If you believe you are ready to become a smart energy person, a career in renewable energy is now within reach.

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Source: Inside Climate News


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