SCE Midstream Rebates: “Get Paid to Upgrade”

Southern California Edison (SCE) leads the way on offering rebates and incentives for businesses and households to upgrade existing lighting, climate control, HVAC, office equipment, etc. The SCE Midstream Lighting Program offers money back on several LED lighting options that also yield long-term energy savings for businesses and facilities.

For large scale energy efficiency projects, payback is made on a per-unit basis up to 100% of the project cost for qualified components. Of course, programs such as these may seem complicated at first, but, so long as you understand the necessary steps, you and your company could be on the path to a full and free lighting and controls upgrade.

These investments are worthwhile on the whole not only because of the savings available but also due to the positive effects they provide our communities and environment. First, it is crucial to determine if your business or facility is eligible to participate in the program. If your company is an active SCE account holder and located within a commercial building, your facility qualifies for Midstream Program rebates.

The next step is where a licensed clean energy installer can be a trusted and reliable resource. With a full range of services that walk you and your team through the entire process from the initial application to the final post-inspection, a licensed installer will provide you with a simple proposal detailing expected cost, product specifications, a concise timeline, and where your money comes back to you through rebates and return on investment (ROI).

When working with Emilygrene Corp., our energy specialists ensure that your application is filed under the correct heading pertaining to your project – Express Solutions, Customized Solutions, or Automated Demand Response – while providing you with all the necessary information to feel confident with your decision. Following the initial application, our lighting design developers select products that meet SCE standards and also your required design specifications.

Each form necessary is compiled to begin the installation phase, meaning you never need to worry about getting lost in paperwork. After the go ahead is confirmed from SCE, installation begins both efficiently and professionally. Through both experience and expertise, you are assured a project completed on time and to satisfaction.

The final step toward your brighter clean energy future is the post-installation inspection. An SCE representative will review the installed products and approve your rebate total. Based on the fixtures and controls installed, you are ensured that every dollar possible gets back to your bottom line.

Emilygrene Corp. is proud to be an available option to you as a licensed clean energy installer. We are more than projects and more than rebates. We stay with you to ensure that your savings are tracked and that your ROI is accumulated within the time frame promised in our original proposal. If you have any questions, our expert staff is here to answer you promptly or provide a resolution. Going green has never been easier, and we are here to make it even simpler. Working with our team means you can leave the lighting to us, and focus on what really matters – your business.

For more details on the SCE Midstream Program, or on additional opportunities to make your facility energy efficient, please visit

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