Clean Energy Innovations On The Horizon

At the cornerstone of clean energy is innovation. Emilygrene Corp. has long prided ourselves on being at the cutting edge of new technology. With developments in solar, wind, and natural gas powers pushing green energy to the forefront of corporate and business initiatives, understanding advancements that will shape energy efficiency upgrades in the future has become crucial.

Over the next decade, it is expected that major issues in clean energy will finally be resolved, including energy storage for solar and wind equipment, removing the threat of crippling blackouts, and improved electricity generation to increase efficiency throughout the grid. Summarized below are the innovations being developed now by leading clean energy technicians that will further progress the perception and availability of clean energy technology.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are the next step in fuel generation that allow vehicles and machinery to function on oxygen and hydrogen while expelling heat and water. While the necessary hydrogen production requires a large amount of fossil fuel at the moment, renewable energy solutions have grown into a reliable substitute. With vehicle manufacturers Kenworth, Toyota, and UPS each investing in the technology, as well as expected distribution of fuel cells to the public by 2020 (lead by European green energy leader Intelligent Energy), adoption of fuel cells into energy efficiency designs is more than assured.

Lithium Air Battery

The well-known and little understood lithium air battery (otherwise known as the lithium oxygen fuel cell) has been in development for over 20 years. The battery is considered the solution to long range electric cars and commercial solar installation. The lithium air battery has the potential to provide substantial power with only one battery, increasing the overall efficiency of clean energy technology. Current issues include unpredictable short circuits and loss of battery power that, with increased research and development efforts at Cornell University, are expected to be resolved just as quickly and efficiently.


Smart Grid

A smart grid is an imperative step to controlling fluctuations on a utility grid and removing the threat of sporadic blackouts. A smart grid installs specialty meters in every household and business to make for reliable and responsive data transmitted back to the energy provider, allowing for fluctuations based on the current power needs of a particular area. Efforts to move forward with smart grid installation in the United Kingdom have been met with issues fully adjusting existing infrastructure. In response, the United States has since designed a task force to implement microgrid projects in small communities and allow consumer demand to drive large-scale smart grid implementation.

Tidal Turbine

A tidal turbine utilizes wind energy technology in underwater environments to generate power from wave movement. By placing a pinwheel on coastlines, tides are able to generate movement to produce low-cost energy. Initial tidal turbine projects have had small-scale success in California. However, due to minor accidents and pushback from local fishing industries, full implementation of tidal energy has slowed. A cost-effective turbine was constructed off the coast of Scotland by Scotrenewables Tidal Power, considered “the largest and most powerful” of its kind, with a portability that assuages fish industries and paves the way for the technology in the future.

Each technology presented here is a key to solidifying the future of clean energy technology and providing green energy to the most people and businesses. For more information on the progress of clean energy and technological advancements, subscribe to Emilygrene Blog.

Source: Oil Price

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