What’s New: Introducing Emilygrene Corp. Community

Community is a new web page developed through the Emilygrene Corp. website that allows both our clients and the public to better understand our non-profit and charity efforts within local communities, as well as the future of Emilygrene Corp. Community events and projects.

What's New 2

As a clean energy provider, Emilygrene Corp. is prided on being an active and supportive member of the communities we affect. Over the years, we have partnered, and continue to partner, with worthwhile causes ranging from heart disease research, support of military families, and engaging youth athletics. We are also currently working through our Community Outreach Initiative to develop several events to educate and inform on the green energy movement.

Community will be a tremendous resource for anyone interested in gathering information on local organizations and their efforts, staying up-to-date on charitable events sponsored through Emilygrene Corp., donating time or funds, and becoming an Emilygrene Corp. Community Partner.

It has long been part of our company beliefs that to work in clean energy means more than installations or utility rebates, to work in clean energy is to help communities as a whole.

Community is designed to acknowledge and provide the most recent information on our current Community Partners, along with direct links to their website. Available to anyone interested in lending a hand by giving back, you are invited to use the new Community web page as a hub for discovering where we can all “Go Past Going Green” together.

Learn more today at www.emilygrene.com/community

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