Clean, Green, and Strong Together

Clean energy is more than an option – the past decade has proven to both businesses and individuals alike that the need to modernize through clean energy initiatives and energy efficiency upgrades is crucial not only to the environment, but to the continued vitality of companies large and small.

“Going green” has become essential to cut energy costs, decrease overall energy use, and allow businesses to meet customer demand for clean energy initiatives that help their communities thrive. Small and medium sized businesses discover that energy efficiency upgrades coupled with a quick return on investment make these projects affordable and worthwhile. Meanwhile, larger Fortune 500 corporations come to realize the necessity and financial benefits to transforming their existing traditional buildings into cost effective clean energy facilities.

Moving toward a sustainable future has been a work in progress. The foundation of the movement thus far has been measures geared toward educating individuals and executives on the money savings opportunities and environmental impact of clean energy. Our work at Emilygrene Corp. since opening our doors five years ago, along with our continued growth and initiative goals, has added to this ongoing national effort.

Emilygrene Corp. is clean energy because we strive to make our projects make a difference. We have found that installers and providers of clean energy have an obligation to do more than business as usual. Promotional material, community involvement, education on renewable resources, and active pursuit of green energy awareness are actions that yield results.And, ultimately, results are what we aim for. From quantifiable results measured through financial statements, energy savings reports, and return on investment, to immeasurable results such as the impact of on the world around us, we are dedicated to ensuring our daily tasks point to the brighter, greener future we envision.

Emilygrene Corp. is dedicated to our clients, to our partners, and to those simply interested in our mission because we are only greener together. We may be clean energy, but it is all of you that are the originators, innovators, and decision-makers that make this mission possible. Just around the corner is new technology that will elevate clean energy to new heights.

Fuel cells and lithium-air batteries that will finally bring solar and wind energy into an affordable range for households and businesses. Smart grids and and tidal turbines will take previously experimental renewable alternatives to the forefront of the movement. All around us is evidence that this venture in clean energy is worth the continued investment.

Furthermore, the effect on our communities overall gives companies a motivation to climb into the clean energy arena, purposefully creating initiatives that help both their bottom line, and the economic well-being of their customer base. A 2014 report published by the Washington D.C. based Institute for Local Reliance, titled Advantage Local: Why Clean Energy Ownership Matters, finds that communities benefit economically from locally sourced renewable energy alternatives. The political push often required to allow individuals this advantage is to see businesses and large corporations take the lead. We can help build this support to ensure that clean energy is available to anyone, especially those who support your business model.

No longer is “going green” simply a trend for those in the know. The green energy movement is a fully fledged transition away from fossil fuels and coal powered energy toward energy sources that use our planet to its fullest potential. Our work – together – to continue educating, to continue building, to continue progressing new technology will have results. We are clean, green, and strong together.

Greener Together

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