Fortune 500 Businesses Embracing Clean Energy

The green energy movement has made leaps and strides over the past decade to earn public attention and educate on the necessity for energy conservation and clean energy technology. Government policies and localized utility rebate programs have allowed businesses a simpler and more affordable route toward “going green,” however, hesitation still looms over larger companies concerned about cost and the actual benefits of the transition.

A new report from three distinct environmental organizations, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ceres, Calvert Research and Management, and the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), finds that these attitudes are shifting amongst the most prominent executives in the nation. Fortune 500 companies are joining the movement, many of whom have already set in place clean energy targets.

The report, titled Power Forward 3.0: How the Largest U.S. Companies are Capturing Business Value While Addressing Climate Change, signals that despite political indicators pushing toward a diminished role for clean energy initiatives, businesses of all sizes, including 63% of Fortune 100 companies and 48% of Fortune 500 companies, have at least one existing clean energy target, an increase of 5% from 2014.


This promising trend stemming from corporate board rooms all across the country proves that clean energy has finally moved past being considered merely an ethical decision, and translated as an economic opportunity for companies looking for increased annual savings. Based on disclosures made to the CDP, an estimated 80,000 emissions-reducing projects resulted in $3.7 billion of savings for 190 companies in 2016.

In addition, these same companies reached an astounding decrease of annual emissions totaling 155.7 million metric tonnes of CO2-equivalent. According to Mary Spitzer, Senior Director of Climate and Renewable Energy for WWF, “American businesses are leading the transition to a clean economy because it’s smart business and it’s what their customers want.”

At the end of the day, companies need to make decisions that allow them to thrive in a competitive market. Emilygrene Corp. understands this need from our clients. As a company ourselves, we strive to find a compromise between cost and benefit that allows corporate decision makers to feel comfortable both with both the environmental benefits and the cost of doing business.

As a provider and installer of clean energy technology, it is our mission to educate, inform, and provide the best possible options for an energy efficiency upgrade to the individuals able to enact change within local corporations and businesses. With all signals pointing toward a future where commerce will continue to embrace clean energy, Emilygrene Corp. will strengthen our efforts so that companies can continue to implement clean energy targets, and soon 100% of Fortune 500 companies will find a place for energy efficiency in their daily business.

Source: Clean Technica

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