What’s New: Careers

Emilygrene Corp. is proud to introduce a new feature to our website – Emilygrene Careers. One of our newest online features, introduced as part of our first ever Employment Opportunity Drive, offers you the simplest platform to learn more about our available positions, submit an application quickly and easily, and contact our hiring team directly with questions.

Whats New 1

Careers is designed to enhance the application process by providing another option for prospective candidates to discover Emilygrene Corp. and the key benefits of our career options. High energy, results driven, passionate – these are the traits we look for from our ideal associates.

Available to anyone interested in working for a progressive company driven by these values and on the forefront of innovation, Careers is a major first step. Full job descriptions for each available position describe the role in detail to ensure applicants are able to understand both our company and necessary skills. We also provide a new and simplified application form to make the process of submitting your resume the easiest part of your decision.

In addition to our existing internships, we have developed “Junior” positions for our Business Account Executive and Field Technician fields. The “Junior” option allows anyone with the expected skills or education in either field to apply for an entry level role without the required years of experience. Our entry level roles are perfect for university students and those new to the industry to learn and grow within Emilygrene Corp.

An option to submit a resume without a “Desired Job” also allows you to reach out to our hiring team to suggest how your particular skill set may be applicable or beneficial to our company. Emilygrene Corp. prides ourselves on leading the way within the clean energy industry. For that reason, if you have the expertise and passion in a field that is not listed on our application, we want to hear from you.

Careers marks a transition for Emilygrene Corp. as we continue to ensure our team is made up of the best and most promising in the industry. Our ongoing efforts to enhance and continually progress our online features allow us the opportunity to redefine your unique Emilygrene experience.

Learn more at www.emilygrene.com/careers


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