Emilygrene Corp. Debuts First Employment Opportunity Drive


Emilygrene Corp. Debuts First Employment Opportunity Drive

Glendora, California – April 7, 2017 – With trends showing continued growth in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology, clean energy installers should be actively expanding their employment ranks according to Southern California based clean energy installer Emilygrene Corp.


The company begins their first Employment Opportunity Drive to engage prospective applicants, simplify the application process, and provide insight on green energy careers. According to CEO Burke Ewers, “We pay attention to trends and see the demand to grow as a company, and to connect with the next generation of green energy experts and innovators. ”

The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts renewable energy supply to continue its 10-year growth trend through 2018, indicating an ongoing demand by businesses and facilities to modernize with clean energy upgrades. Mr. Ewers intends to work with his team and the public during the drive to educate and attract current job seekers.

“We want to use our Employment Opportunity Drive this month to hopefully strengthen our team, but in a bigger sense provide future job seekers with the information they need to consider a career in clean energy.”

As part of the drive, Emilygrene Corp. will also introduce an updated Careers page to their website at www.emilygrene.com/careers. Emillygrene Corp. will continue the Employment Opportunity Drive throughout the month of April and intend to implement additional initiatives in the near future.

Burke Ewers is CEO and member of the board of directors for Emilygrene Corp. with over 15 years experience in the energy industry. Emilygrene Corp. is a provider of clean energy and energy efficient technology for facilities across the United States, located at 2247 Lindsay Way in Glendora, California.

Click Here to view original press release: https://www.prlog.org/12632680-emilygrene-corp-debuts-first-employment-opportunity-drive.html

Christopher Razo



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