Become a Smart Energy Person

Emilygrene Corp. is a proud clean energy industry leader, as well as a staple in the green energy movement. Due to continued growth, we are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team of smart energy people.

As part of our ongoing effort, Emilygrene Corp. is launching its first ever Employment Opportunity Drive to actively seek those interested in pursuing a career dedicated to the principles of going green and combatting climate change. Our sales experts, lighting designers, skilled technicians, and hands-on management all work together to provide businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to curb energy use and save money.


Emilygrene Corp. stands out in the marketplace as an organization that goes beyond selling and installing LED fixtures and controls – we provide solutions. A career with Emilygrene Corp. promises to utilize your talent and knowledge to achieve a mission larger than any one project.

Making businesses, facilities, and cities energy efficient is a goal that makes coming to work each day more than a task, but a chance to enact real change. We value integrity, innovation, and above all, energy. We are looking to fill our ranks with anybody who feels that they have the vigor and ability to actively pursue and complete installations that leave our clients understanding and embracing the value of their investment.

As part of our Employment Opportunity Drive, we have introduced an updated “Career” page to our website at This update will now allow you to apply through our website directly or contact us with your resume at In addition, we have developed posts across several career sites that make submitting your application simpler than ever.

From experienced industry veterans, to university students and young professionals, Emilygrene Corp. wants to hear from you. Since opening our doors five years ago, our hiring goal has been to find diverse individuals with varying skills and insight. We believe that if you have talent, know-how, and drive, you will find Emilygrene Corp. a fulfilling opportunity to begin your career as a smart energy person.

Learn more at


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