Industrial Internet Prepares to Change Human Productivity

The advent of GE’s Industrial Internet is upon us, and there is great anticipation about the potential to improve human productivity in a new era of interconnectedness. Rough estimates expect the number of connected machines to expand from 10 billion to 50 billion over the next five years.

This surge in connectivity will have drastic effects on the efficiency of daily workflow. With proven reductions to cost, downtime, and communication errors, improvements to the digital infrastructure are estimated to yield $15 trillion in global GDP within 20 years. Paired with an expected $500 billion increase in Industrial Internet spending by 2020, we are prepared to discover a fuller reach of the digital movement.

Emilygrene Corp. currently offers a form of this unity between digital and physical components through our cloud-based platform and lighting control options established in many of our energy efficiency installations. Besides the positive environmental impact of eliminating paper based transmissions and unnecessary energy usage, increased responsiveness, related savings, and greater engineering productivity make a system such as this an ideal hybrid.


The Emilygrene Corp. model is a vital first step in comparison to the possibility for future innovation that the Industrial Internet trend represents. According to “Current powered by GE,” the real influence of the industrial internet is its ability to connect, organize, and optimize data repeatedly. Communication, collaboration, and compatibility promise a system where numbers can be calculated at enormous speeds, resulting in more uncovered data and better informed business decisions.

Much like energy efficiency upgrades, GE’s Industrial Internet will require an initial investment by businesses to take advantage of the long term savings opportunities. However, with customized systems and self-healing machines available to avoid system downtime, it will ultimately fall to businesses of all sizes to invest and push for this revolutionary asset.


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