How to Invest in Energy Efficiency

Businesses on average commit 28 percent of their operating expenses to energy. But did you know that companies investing in energy efficiency upgrades, retrofits, and repairs potentially reap a 10 to 30 percent retrun on investment (ROI)? With modern and highly efficient lighting solutions, it is best to retrofit early on so you can spend less in the long run.

What should you focus on when planning an energy efficiency project, and how should you pitch your idea to decision-makers with financial objections?

To start, calculating an accurate ROI will make sure your case is solid and convincing. Emilygrene Corp. specializes in preparing these numbers for you and providing a short and easy-to-understand proposal. As the initiator of the project, you will need to connect with your accounting team or CFO along with an Emilygrene Corp. representative to assess and benchmark the cost of new equipment, the pros and cons of financing terms vs. cash paid at a future date, the expected monetary loss should you postpone, and forecasted savings.

At that point, Emilygrene Corp. can determine your current energy use and expenditure, pinpointing where a retrofit could potentially make the strongest impact. It is important to work together in order to understand seasonal fluctuations and projected business growth and expansion plans for your business. Our specialists then determine a reasonable amount of escalation due to inflation and factor in any tax credits including those expiring in the near future.

Beyond the obvious financial benefits, many of these upgrades can also improve overall customer experience, employee satisfaction, and employee productivity. For example, T-12 fluorescent glare and flickering can worsen eye fatigue, making employees less productive and less motivated in the workplace. Meanwhile, modern and efficient equipment requires less maintenance, keeping your staff focused on more important matters. Properly insulated equipment also runs quieter, elevating focus and performance. Finally, should you own the facility, smart upgrades boost property value as new tenants increasingly seek real estate with energy and carbon reduction built-in.

Understanding your current energy use, running the numbers, and selecting new energy efficient equipment tailored to your needs are all services Emilygrene Corp. are proud to offer to make your energy efficiency upgrade thorough and easy.


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